metadin asa coex


Coextrusion basically enables the different property profiles to be combined with one another. The panels are made up of several layers. With coextrusion, the melt flows from several extruders are brought together in or behind a tool. There are different reasons for co-extrusion.


Materialkombinationgewünschter Effekt
ABS - ABSz. B. zweifarbig
ABS - ASAsemimatt / UV-Schutz
ABS - PMMAmatt oder glänzend, hohe Schlagzähigkeit, UV-Schutz
ABS - ABS - PMMARegenerat/Neuware/PMMA
ABS-TPEABS mit Softtouch

Technical data sheets are often not shown. Reference is made again and again to the starting materials, such as metadine (ABS) and metaester (ASA). It is advisable to clarify technical details in advance when inquiring about a specific product.

Depending on the volume of the order, certain material properties can be determined by tests if there are no data sheets.

Notes for users:

The information given in the data sheets reflects our current level of knowledge. Due to the information contained in the data sheets, certain properties can neither be agreed nor guaranteed. The decision about the suitability of a material for a specific application is the responsibility of each user. We reserve the right to make changes to the data given. The information cannot simply be transferred to finished parts.