Tool Manufacturing

Totally digital

As part of our own tool shop, we create temperature-controlled aluminium deep-drawing tools in the positive and negative area. We even create movable aluminium tools for undercuts for our thermoforming machines.

The milling devices are also milled based on their data. The advantage is obvious: Due to the existing degree of digitisation, we can achieve the highest possible precision and repeatability, even with large series. Assembly templates and devices are sometimes created with pneumatic fixation aids or other components.

Development/prototype construction

Often there is only an idea or a construction sketch to start with. We support you from the start via our experienced construction department. Of course, we have modern CAD systems with all of the usual industrial interfaces such as STEP or IGES.

We can visualize your ideas or, if desired, present them as a 3D printout. Even the most complex linkages of CAD-Cam applications are part of our daily business.

Complex components or nesting in the field of logistics are also part of the meta-technik Programme

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