Energy Technology

Plastics for a new way of thinking

Energy technology with a future is the issue. Compared to metals, plastics offer the super advantage that they can reduce the weight of existing structures many times over. In many cases, this can significantly increase energy efficiency.

Plastics are unbeatable for their diversity: Depending on requirements, electrically insulating or electrically conductive plastics can be used. Very few people know that plastics are heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of over 310° over the long term and up to 500° for a short time. Thanks to their temperature resistance, plastics are more durable and therefore more cost-effective than other materials.

Advantages for energy technology


According to the Comparative Tracking Index, we offer a wide variety of electrically insulating plastics for use in electronics.


Our portfolio includes numerous intrinsically conductive plastics that are used more and more frequently in energy technology.


Plastics have a low specific weight. This would permit resourceful developments for battery carrier systems.


By adding special additives, plastics can become antistatic. This prevents them from becoming statically charged when there is friction that might damage technical applications.

Dimensionally stable

Plastics are particularly suitable for applications that are exposed to high loads. Even at high temperatures and if gasoline, oil and coolants are used, they have considerable dimensional stability.

Fire protection

Our portfolio includes high-performance plastics that meet the UL94-V0 fire protection classification. Flames extinguish after 10 seconds, and the afterglow lasts at most 30 seconds.

Do you need help choosing plastics?

In four simple steps we will show you which plastic is the best choice for your project. With the right know-how, plastic solutions will be unbeatable.

Material properties​​​​​​​

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