Leisure Industry

free to design, free to choose

Whether barbecuing fun on the water with the bbq-donut® or adventure journeys with your mobile home – plastic solutions produced by meta-technik are impressive.

Plastic solutions mean weight savings, new design options and much more. Still, innovation potential with plastic substitutes or modules is often undiscovered. That’s why there is meta-pro, our free analysis tool that we use to check our customers’ products for their optimisation potential. And there are also savings during the production process itself, mainly because modules as well as individual and series production are manufactured cost-effectively in our modern manufacturing plant. This unbeatable combination allows you to concentrate on the essentials: go for unforgettable moments.

Benefits for the leisure industry

Easily designed

Plastic can be designed like no other material. With plastic, innovative solutions for agricultural technology and attractive design are no longer mutually exclusive.


Plastics can optimise existing modules and even make them possible to start with. In our modern plant, we can manufacture them in series production and in small numbers with little effort.


Plastic substitutes can greatly reduce the weight of technical constructions. Doors can be opened more easily and quickly, and energy consumption will be reduced at the same time.

Cost efficiency

Long service life, inexpensive to produce. The cost benefits of plastic solutions are impressive.


Plastic is unbeatable for its malleability. Slim lines, elegant design – all of this is more possible than ever with plastic solutions.


The diverse properties of plastics foster innovative solutions in manifold dimensions. Design, ergonomics, cost-effective construction: the options are enormous.

Do you need help choosing plastics?

In four simple steps we will show you which plastic is the best choice for your project. With the right know-how, plastic solutions will be unbeatable.


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