The requirements must be known for the correct choice of material. meta-technik processes thermoplastics. In other words, amorphous and partially crystalline plastics that are divided into standard, construction or high-performance plastics according to their properties. When choosing materials, knowledge of material properties must be combined with knowledge of specific application requirements. This is the only way to achieve the desired results over the long term.

Which material is economical?

It often happens that production parts or modules are developed with special plastics that have mechanical or chemical properties far above or below the necessary material quality and are therefore too expensive for series production. It is worth knowing the application exactly in order to choose the right material.

Advice and analysis Select materials

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The higher quality the plastic, the greater the variety of properties it has. Because of the related price increase, production volume must be planned carefully.

Synthetic materials can be processed superbly

In order to be able to produce materials as flexibly as possible, we attach great importance to mastering important processes on our own. To this end, we have invested in a complex and high-performance manufacturing plant as well as furthering our employee expertise and fostering our young talent.

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