Automotive Industry

Functionality with an attractive design

Whether for bodywork, exterior covering or interior design, plastics are versatile factotums for vehicle construction. Vehicle designers are enthusiastic about their specific weight as well as their malleability with high dimensional stability. With construction plastics, demands can be met where other materials easily fail.

Plastic solutions are used primarily for interior door panels, dashboard components and roof lining. Plastics offer countless possibilities for form and design. In addition, they are extremely dimensionally stable. This means they can also pass demanding security testing. If required, silicone-free plastics can also be used for surface treatments such as painting – always colour-fast, of course – and gluing. Many of our plastics also comply with UL94-V0 fire protection regulations.

Advantages for traffic technology

Cost efficiency

At our modern manufacturing plant we produce prototypes or series – a plus that is of great value for your design process.


Plastic solutions save enormous amounts of weight: an important aspect, especially in the context of new mobility concepts and energy efficiency.


Plastic is unbeatable for its malleability. Slim lines, elegant design – all of this is more possible than ever with plastic solutions.


The diverse properties of plastics foster innovative solutions in manifold dimensions. Design, ergonomics, cost-effective construction: the options are enormous.

No corrosion

Plastics will not react as extensively with their environment as metals do. On the one hand, this prevents corrosion and, on the other hand, it enables components to have a long service life.

Potential for substitution

The potential for substitution with technical plastic solutions is huge. The main advantages of plastic over metal are its malleability, production and material costs, workability and, of course, its light weight.

Do you need help choosing plastics?

In four simple steps we will show you which plastic is the best choice for your project. With the right know-how, plastic solutions will be unbeatable.

Material properties​​​​​​​