Lavatories, Heating, Air Conditioning

Long-lasting products for building services

Resistant to media and flexible in design: These are the unbeatable advantages of plastic solutions in the areas of lavatories, heating and air conditioning.

There are numerous alkali and acid-resistant plastics in our portfolio. In the production of drainage pipes, plastics are often the first choice. There are no alternatives to plastic leakage trays. In an emergency, they offer reliable protection against damage. This is an additional protection that will help when you take out insurance. In addition, plastic can be designed extremely well. In this way, the technical building equipment can be visibly integrated into rooms and still look good.

Benefits for building technology

Resistant to acids and alkalis

Drainage pipes come into contact with different media on a daily basis. Plastic solutions are acid and alkali-resistant, rust-free and therefore require little maintenance.


There are many temperature-resistant plastics in our portfolio. Technical plastic solutions are thus protected against decomposition even when exposed to high temperatures.


Technical plastic solutions have one feature above all others: durability. The service life of a solution is important for any planning that goes beyond simply an initial installation and needs to take operational life into account.


A leakage tray made of plastic for a thermal bath provide a wealth of advantages: It is inexpensive, protects against water damage and keeps insurance premiums low.


Thanks to the easy malleability of plastics, a wide range of design options can also be implemented for building services. Functionality and design go hand in hand.


Plastics are real lightweights. This makes assembly and transport a lot easier, for example.

Do you need help choosing plastics?

In four simple steps we will show you which plastic is the best choice for your project. With the right know-how, plastic solutions will be unbeatable.


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