Agricultural Technology

Weatherproof and easy to maintain

Scarce usable space, extreme weather conditions and high levels of wear and tear – these are just some of the challenges that agriculture has to face all year round. To optimise and find intelligent solutions, it will be worthwhile for producers and agricultural technicians to take a look at the optimisation potential of plastics.

Plastics are wear-resistant and resistant to aggressive media such as corn juice and butyric acid. In contrast to metals, plastics are less susceptible to extreme weather conditions. But that’s not all: Functional work equipment can also look good. More and more manufacturers are relying on differentiated product design in construction. Clever product designers have long since recognised and planned the cladding of vehicles in such a way that an otherwise heavy device can be repaired directly in the field if there is a defect. This can save valuable time during harvesting and is also cheap.

Requirements for agricultural technology


Plastics are wear-resistant even with heavy use. This increases the service life of technical plastic applications and lowers maintenance costs.

Easily designed

Plastic can be designed like no other material. With plastic, innovative solutions for agricultural technology and attractive design are no longer mutually exclusive.

Low noise level

Fast, light and above all: quiet. Technical plastic applications prove their worth due to their silent efficiency. This makes work easier and will be good for the environment.


Many of our plastics show pronounced sliding behaviour. Unlike metals, they do not have to be additionally lubricated with oil, and this significantly reduces the risk of contaminating crops.


Plastics can optimise existing modules and even make them possible to start with. In our modern plant, we can manufacture them in series production and in small numbers with little effort.

Emergency running properties

Technical plastic products can do their job even under irregular conditions. Continuous operation is also possible in exceptional cases.

Do you need help choosing plastics?

In four simple steps we will show you which plastic is the best choice for your project. With the right know-how, plastic solutions will be unbeatable.


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