Connect with knowledge.

We guarantee our academy participants indispensable insights into how to work and design using industrial plastic materials.

At this Academy, day seminars are held to demonstrate and represent meta-technik technologies. Starting with the choice of material, we will teach you about the main properties of ‘technical plastic materials’. In order to be able to better understand further information, during the second part we offer basic training on topics such as ‘Structure of Plastics’, ‘Testing Procedures’, ‘Plastics Processing’, ‘Materials and processing-appropriate construction" amongst other topics.

In order to better understand theoretical content, a virtual company presentation will showcase opportunities available with meta-technik®. Then the Seminar will end with a manufacturing inspection.

Our goal is to provide you a rich abundance of information on plastics as is possible in a concentrated way. Individual seminar participants will also have an opportunity to make direct contact with meta-technik®. We hope that these personal contacts will lead to a long-term partnership that will mean a step forward for everyone involved. We would like to help you present an optimised meta-technik® product as a think tank for new products with the aim of producing end products economically in-house.

Key points of the meta Academy

  • Product ideas
  • Design + Development
  • Advice + support
  • Customer training / Seminars
  • Continuing Education
  • Internal Certification
  • Research
  • NT New Technologies (3D Scanning, Prototyping)

Employee development

Internal employee training courses are becoming more and more important and are carried out at our company. It will be more and more difficult over the next few years to get well trained specialists. For this reason, meta-technik® provides the highest levels of training and also supports our staff after their training. All employees should be optimally qualified so as not to lose touch with new technologies. Our specialist staff members provide the high level of quality that you have come to expect from us.


Our customers know their markets all too well. We, in turn, know about the potential of plastics and their properties. During seminars at our meta-technik Academy, we share our specialised expertise with our customers and thus can develop innovative products together.

If you would like to exchange ideas and participate in one of our seminars, then please to get in touch with us via email.


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