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The potential of plastics as an industrial material is enormous. Construction plastics can improve existing applications many times over, and in every respect: Faster, more precise, lighter, cheaper, less maintenance and also more sustainable.

meta-technik® uses construction plastics, so-called thermoplastics, to produce intelligent solutions for industrial applications. This is our main focus. We started with it and we have perfected it for over 25 years. Our experience with the materials, their properties and all processing options, allows us to offer both basic analysis and training for our partners.

30 years ago we were also a startup

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High-performance plastics have a future. This is mainly due to their properties, which almost always have an advantage compared to other materials. Sometimes they are lighter and yet more stable, and often they are more malleable, more customizable, and cheaper. If we use them sensibly and sustainably, plastic materials are unbeatable in many applications and will of course become the first choice.

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