Barbecue worldwide #bbqdonut

Since 2009, our subsidiary artthink®has been putting on parties for families, friends and youth groups featuring barbecues using bbq-donut® as well as aquatic adventures. It has been a fantastic success story. Just take a look at the phots on Instagram. People laughing, sunsets, and lots of partying.

The round sports boat with a complete Safety Test is developed and also manufactured at the meta-technik® site. This means that production, continuous development, and communication remain short. The bbq-donut® has come a long way and is now sold in 60 countries. For meta-technik the bbq-donut® is not just a fabulous project that displays everything we can do. It is also an important source of experience. As our own customer, we change our perspective and thus get to know first-hand the requirements that our customers have every day.

Our many years of experience are also reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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