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1 Real Alternatives

Design, weight, long service life: The advantages of plastic solutions over other materials are immense. And it will pay off.

2 Master Agreements

Are you afraid of cost traps? So are we. That’s why we use Master Agreements that enable cost management and price guarantees. This makes deliveries plannable and, above all, short.

3 Reliable Contacts

Thanks to regular training courses, our employees are always up to date and know what they are talking about. Call or drop us an email and find out for yourself.

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4 Supplier Consolidation

1 product, umpteen suppliers? meta-technik manufactures simple and complex modules, which saves time and money.

Modules and assembly


5 Solution-oriented

Problems are of course always individual. This is proven by our many years of experience in the plastics industry and that is why we are convinced that we can help you too. Our diverse references assure this.


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