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1 Development Partner

Do you use plastics, but are not sure whether they are the right ones? We do analysis in a structured manner. The results almost always stand out. Are you taking the bet?

meta-pro analysis

2 Expert Knowledge

Knowledge is limitless. That is why we always keep our employee expertise current at our Academy. We will be happy to share our expert knowledge with you.

meta Academy

3 Real Alternatives

Design, weight, long service life: The advantages of plastic solutions over other materials are immense. And that will pay off.

4 Quality Guarantee

You can rely on our quality control and our many years of experience. We have been dealing intensively with thermoplastics for around 30 years and develop the best plastic solutions down to the last detail.

5 Substitution

Faster, quieter, more precise, cheaper. The reasons for replacing conventional materials with plastic solutions are varied and convincing.

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