CNC Milling

With CNC: fast and precise

meta-technik has modern machinery with CNC technology that meets the highest standards. It enables quick and precise machining of the most complex parts. The different ways that we work can apply this technology to give the products their individual shape.

Sophisticated CNC Programmes allow deep-drawn blanks, which have been created using a deep-drawing tool, to produce different article variants – and all without additional tool costs. In addition to deep-drawing milling, we naturally also use standard milling. We also use unique multi-spindle milling. Up to six milling heads are used at the same time. In addition, we have a 5-axis milling centre for toolmaking as well as for aluminium production.

We are constantly investing in our machinery so that we can manufacture at surprisingly large dimensions with consistently high precision.

Completely digital

Thanks to CNC programming, raw material can be removed in just a few steps and workpieces can be given their geometric shape.