metalyte gf


metalyte® gf is a glass fibre reinforced polyethylene terephthalate and has improved properties in terms of mechanical strength, dimensional stability and temperature resistance.


  • high tensile properties
  • very high impact resistance
  • low elongation at break
  • lowest water absorption compared to metamid (PA) and metacetal (POM)
  • highest creep resistance of the materials metamid (PA), metacetal (POM) and metalyte (PET)

Due to its high dimensional stability and the same low moisture absorption, metalyte gf is suitable for components with very tight tolerances that are exposed to both high temperatures and high mechanical stresses.

The addition of glass fibres varies. Depending on the application, detailed data sheets can be output.

Notes for users:

The information given in the data sheets reflects our current level of knowledge. Due to the information contained in the data sheets, certain properties can neither be agreed nor guaranteed. The decision about the suitability of a material for a specific application is the responsibility of each user. We reserve the right to make changes to the data given. The information cannot simply be transferred to finished parts.

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