Deep Drawing Systems

Deep drawing and thermoforming

Thermoforming is the transformation of thermoplastic semi-finished products at higher temperatures into moulded parts. The technology of thermoforming makes it possible to produce individual finished parts economically in large series, but also in the smallest of series. With the help of vacuum forming technology, we are able to produce high quality products with low tool costs and the shortest of lead times.

Performance data

We can manufacture all parts from 3,000 x 1700 x 800 LWH to 100 x 100 x 5 mm in thermoforming with fully automatic TZ systems.

7 points that prove our efficiency

  • Best processing dimensions so that products can be transformed in a single operation
  • Flawless surface production
  • Negative or positive moulding process or the combination as positive-negative moulding
  • Experience and sophisticated special know-how
  • We have a precise knowledge of thermoplastics and their behaviour during heat transformation
  • Fully automatic deep-drawing systems for reproducible processes
  • Production in our machining centres can be put into practice quite economically